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7" 2-WAY Steel Wire Grooming Brush

Your pet will always look well groomed when you use a brush like this one. You can use the wire side to comb through tangles, and remove debris from your pets long hair. Then you can brush deep with the nylon side to make the coat shiny and smooth. The overall length including the handle is about 7", and the head measures 4" x 2".

  • One side - steel wire - other side - nylon brush + wooden frame and handle
  • Overall unit is 7" long - head measures approx. 4" wide by 2" tall
  • Steel wire - a little less than 1/2" length - nylon brush hairs are 1/2"
  • Double sided brush ensures you have the right comb regardless of the length of your pet's hair
  • Leaves coat silky smooth - helps remove dead hair, tangles - easy to use and groom


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