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Helios 3-in-1 Explorer Convertible Backpack, Harness and Leash

The Helios Dog Freestyle 3-in-1 Explorer Convertible Backpack, Harness and Leash is a Backpack that Doubles as a Chest Compression Harness with an Included Leash.

This Only-of-its-kind 3-in-1 Backpack, Harness and Leash features a Backpack with a Chest Compressive Harness that completely ejects from the Backpack that enables the user to remove the backpack as the user wishes.

The Backpack features a special DUPONT Outershell that is entirely Waterproof including the zippers. The Outershell of the Backpack further features reflective-tubed lining all around with added reflective memorized stitching along the DUPONT Nylon Outershell for premium protection during those night strolls. The Harness portion features both a Neoprene and Waterproof DUPONT Outershell with a breathable and visible cross-stitched inner mesh Outer and Inner lining for optimum comfort.

The Chest Compression Harness is also fully adjustable and places little-to-no stress at the sternum area of the pets body for a comfortable pull.

Comes with a matching accented Nylon leash with a Stainless steel swivel hook.

Features Rubberized Stitching and Embroidery at the Leash, Backpack and Harness. Get Outdoors with Helios Dog!

Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.


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